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on wheels. carter and ennis are getting in on a trade on ford to make three times your money in three months. they'll break it down. why are all of those options traders going postal for aeropostale. scott nation tells us why they're in fashion. the action begins now. >>> welcome from the nasdaq market site in the heart of new york city's times square, i'm melissa lee. these are the trades and stocks closing on the highs of the today. sweet talk out of washington, but there's only one stock america is watching right now, apple. it reversed and closed flat for the session, setting up for an apple rally. let's get in the money and find out right now. ennis, what did you make of the action? >> i was trading a lot of apple today, you can follow us on twitter and on the site. we were buying call spreads yesterday, buying more today. we were looking for capitulation that says, i just want out, painful, painful press action. >> it's a big swoop down. on heavy volume. >> this was the largest volume since march, the middle of march on apple. we saw it on a rapid, down $10, up $10, over the course of
with the man who has driven a ford lately. carter braxton worth of oppenheimer. three charts, two of the same timeframe, let's take a look and we're in the long side here. we think things look quite good. minor trend line in effect since the lows, what's important is that the stock has been outperforming the stock market. it's up since september. market is down hard. relative strengths, important. it's right on the trend line. next chart, same timeframe. you can draw the lines a different way. same timeframe, same chart. you can call it head and shoulders bottom it broke out at the neck line. when you fall back to the level from which you broke out, it's a great pivot point to get long. a little bit longer-term, this strength of late, has taken us out of the down trend that's been in effect for the last two years. we think you're headed towards 13. >> all right. so technically, it's setting up nicely according to carter. ennis, what's your take? >> i think the stock is built ford tough. i think there's three good reasons to buy this stock. one, the housing turn-around is actually reflected in
that needed organizing they gave to carter. >> tim carter, seen here in '78, was a trusted aide to jim jones. he saw jonestown through different eyes. >> it was beautiful. i mean, something about nature, being in the jungle, it was beautiful. >> carter stayed almost to the end. he saw the gunmen come back from the airport. >> the tractor trailer that had come from the airstrip came up behind and stopped at the kitchen, and these guys jumped out. bob ky said, we got the congressman. >> that's when the reverend jim jones told his people this would be the day they'd have to die. >> the congressman is dead. please give the medication. it's simple. no convulsions with it. it's simple. just please get it. >> the children were killed first. >> tim carter saw his 1-year-old son poisoned. >> malcolm was dead, his little lips covered with foam. this is what happens with arsenic and cyanide as it foams at the mouth. >> he held his wife as she died. >> i put my arms around gloria as she was holding malcolm and just kept on sobbing, i love you so much, i love you so much. >> carter lived only because he
to project military powers they would no longer shepard after interest in the region. with the carter restoration the annunciation of the carter doctrine in this "state of the union" speech carter said in the attack on western interest in the persian gulf represents the attack and u.s. vital interest and they will be prepared to use military force in defense of those interest. i paraphrase. but we did not have robust military to provide the opportunity. but it was the step the united states took to assume security responsibilities in the gulf. the next that the west took to assume those same duties came into the iran and iraq war beginning in 1980 continuing through the '80s. and through the reagan administration, drawing upon this standard that president carter had before word projected military force in the gulf of in the refi gained of the kuwaiti tankers, putting the u.s. flag on them and using combatants to escort the ships through the gulf putting the u.s. military and harm's way. and finally, 1990 and 91 the united states engaged in desert shield and desert storm after this a d
the hundreds of bodies. tim carter saw the reverend jim jones teetering on the edge that day. >> you could see his jaws getting a little bit tighter, you know, and his arms being folded. >> after the truck left for the airport, carter turned to his wife. >> i said, i think we're all going to die. he's going to try to kill everybody. >> then an announcement over the loudspeaker. >> we walked up to the pavilion. it was very quiet. it was very somber. >> how very much i've loved you. how very much i've tried my best to give you a good life. >> this from jim jones in the last tape-recording he ever made. >> if we can't live in peace, then let's die in peace. >> he told his flock that this man, larry layton, planned to bring down congressman ryan's plane. >> they're going to shoot that pilot and down comes that plane into the jungle, and we had better not have any of our children left when it's over. >> he said the guyanese army would come through the jungle to torture them. >> when they start parachuting out of the air, they'll shoot some of our innocent babies. and i don't think we should sit her
after western interests in the region. we see here with the carter administration and the late -- late in the carter administration, the enunsation of what would become known as the carter doctrine. in his state of the union suppose in 1980, president carter said in no uncertain terms that an attack on western interests in the persian gulf represents an attack on u.s. vital national interests, and the u.s. will be prepared to use military force in defense of those interests. i paraphrase. of course we didn't have in those 1970 years a robust military that would provide the opportunity to deploy force over those long distances. but nonetheless it was a step that the united states took toward assuming security responsibilities in the gulf. the next step that the u.s. took towards assume something of those same duties the british had previously done, came in the iran-iraq war. it began in 1980 and continued on through most of the 1980s. and during the reagan administration, drawing upon that same standard that president carter had put forward, projected military force into the gulf in the
. >> it is no secret that president jimmy carter had wanted to make the announcement that the long ordeal had ended himself as one of his last piece of business. >> word came at 6:47 this morning that the final papers had been signed. and the president was jubilant. then for more than four hour it is president and his staff waited and waited. but word of the freedom flight never came from iran. finally the president put aside all thoughts of making the freedom declaration while in office and he met president- elect reagan and moved out of the capital for the inauguration. the hostages left the airport 20 minutes after the inauguration and carter had not learned that they flew out to freedom until his motorcade was arriving into andrews base. there the carter family spent 15 minutes saying their last goodbyes to washington officials. then they boarded the plane to georgia where the president was finally going to make that announcement. >> just a few moments ago on air force one, i had received word officially for the first time that the ano carrierĂ¡ on the first leg of a journey home. and that ever
carter issue of earlier and i'm going to take this quote. it says "soon after jimmy carter installed solar panels on the white house. a generation from now i think this is in the 70's or early 80's the solar heater can be a surcosity, a museum piece, a example of a road not taken, or a small part of one of the greatest adventures under taken by the american people and harness the power of the sun and move away from the crippling dependence on foreign oil, and again at that point we can say that the solar panels were a museum piece. i am hoping cleanpower sf isn't this interesting idea that creeped up and disappeared because of all the misinformation and whatever that certain interests will probably have in seeing this sort of plan not succeed, so again when i was 16 my first venture into politics was through this group called "people for safe energy" in fresno and i was 17 and our first venture was to go to the power plant and protest the fact they wanted to have a nuclear power plant sitting next to an earthquake fault. in japan i think the conversation around nuclear power is sh
things gone otherwise, it would have had enormous political consequences. >> it would be jimmy carter. >> like jimmy carter right. harv harv harvey wienstein, we're seeing more and more films that take on current events, almost in real time. the interest level again, i suppose is self-evident, but why do we see it without the benefit of time lag? >> i think the technology is instant and yus, there are video cameras that can make it instantaneos, so you can do it in record time and this movie was done that way and a lot of it is the use of video cameras for a lot of scenes. we can process it instantly. >> john, originally some reporting that you had video from mitt romney part of the film. why was that no longer part of the film in the end? >> there was an attempt to give context to the president's decision and obviously not just mitt romney but hillary clinton and joe biden and many others said long before the mission that they thought it would be mistake to go into our central ally on the war of terror unannounced and barack obama said he would do it. there was mitt romney news foota
by the end of the year? it ain't a holiday special. it's carter and coe's option trade. it is the options trade on the big box retailer and they'll show you how you can make money, too. >> why are all the traders banking on the shares. the action begins now. >>> live from the nasdaq market site i'm melissa lee. these are the traders and the best thing you can say right now for stocks is that the market is closed. the worst week for stocks in five months. fiscal cliff plus earnings equals pain. is a selloff creating opportunities for you. let's find out. the market is in two camps here. single stock stories like disney and group on and fiscal cliff names. how do you navigate this? >> i think you have to be cautious. when we headed into the election the market had pretty adequately digested a weak earnings picture and guidance environment, and then we had the uncertainty come. to me there wasn't a lot of uncertainty about what the outcome of the election was but for some reason, there was a lot of hope built into the market and that was taken out of that. i'm just going to say this. today's
to remember but jimmy carter gave billions of dollars to alternate energy products. >> i was waiting in the gas lines. >> to those plans still exist but settled think there lasted. are you familiar with another jimmy carter program he gave money to build five steel mills for went bankrupt almost immediately and the fifth one point* of business from of plant in kansas city. >> to make carter's programs did not work then. i remember reading one or two hours to fill up with gasoline in the dc area. these programs are not working now and are unlikely to work in the future. the government cannot at pick the winning project. and never would have thought to pick the apple iphone 5 people wait in line because the one to buy one. [laughter] not necessarily technology that it is an expensive but what they're willing to spend money. we don't know what it it is. i am sure there are many entrepreneurs who have a better idea than those in washington. >> would you be in favor of a significantly higher gasoline tax with the externalities' as they are referred to with his been polish gen? >> but tho
to the charts. we are speaking about carter braxton worth. >> take a look at a few charts home depot a great winner. almost suspiciously so. when you are at the top or bottom of the channel you want to feed it for a move in the opposite direction. a long term chart. this is home depot now relative to not only where it was at the height of the housing bubble in '06 but where it was when it was at the top of the tech bubble in the dot com era. the original chart we were looking at the two-year chart. this is relative to wal-mart. take a look at the long-term chart since home depot's ipo. we would say the more vulnerable if you will is home depot. >> home depot looks like the better short of the two. mike, do you agree? >> fundamentally i think this is a bit of a stretch. it is a little over 22 times earnings. that is the upper end. lot of people are pricing in optimism from sandy. the stock has outperformed the s&p by about 4%. you ought to take a look at the 10 k and what they have said, what they have been talking about is the fact that the repair and remodel business is at the end of the we
than earn just test scores. we have more from brianne carter. 17 months after joining montgomery county public he delivered his first date of the school laying out his vision and for the future. >> we are the opportunity for children. together, we will insure that get our very best every single day. >> moving forward in academics off to continue to be the bogus. must be a focus on work place experience. opportunities need to be made available to every student. >> other students and kids and the sameave opportunities as others do the finances. that means to be recognized. >> apparent the three students, what heleased with said. exciting time for the school. under a recount is at the really changing a vacation. is at theery county forefront. financial edison, a l allowe the program wil students to learn about investing and borrowing money to use later on in life. developingl be another program. >> i'm excited. in life andlp xl create opportunities. in bethesda, brianne carter. >> as we recognize veterans day, giving the gift of comfort. he was just given a new home design for the needs of
. it all happened this morning. brianne carter joins us from the scene. >> it has been a very active seen all morning long. at this hour, police remained on the scene. they have been focusing on this house on the 6700 block of kipling parkway in district heights. authorities say this began at 6:00 this morning when fbi investigators served a search warrant. when that was executed, another incident happened. they're not telling us what that was, but shots were fired and we understand one woman was injured, not from the shots fired, but from a fall. she was treated and released. we spoke to neighbors in the area about what they heard and one woman said the commotion woke her up. >> i was sleeping in my bedroom across the street, and i heard the police saint "police, open up." bay opened the door, and i -- they opened the door, and i heard the fire. >> officials say this is an active seeing. they're not telling us what led up to the shots fired, or what the search warrant was for. they tell us the investigation is still ongoing. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> he prince george's county man is
reelected president obama for the next term. brianne carter has reaction from the president and romney. >> good morning. after a long and drawn-out campaign a long and drawn-out night of watching numbers come in. the battleground states -- after nearly sweeping them, he said he was rehired and will be back here for four more years. >> thank you. >> president barack obama celebrates his return to washington to lead the country for four more years. >> we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> nearly sweeping battleground states including ohio and virginia he earned more than 300 electoral votes. he told americans he is more determined and inspired the to return to fix the economy and create more jobs. people gathered to celebrate outside the white house and in the streets of the nation's capital. in massachusetts, a more somber mood. mitt romney spoke to his supporters. >> i.s.o. wish i would have been able to support you and lead in a different direction but your nation chose a different leader, so we join you to earnestly pray for him and t
accused of three peoplee attacks against with close ties to law- enforcement. brianne carter is live in latest on thethe search. using a pipe bombs in .ttacks >> authorities are still aggressively searching for the virginia state alert for thean they believe is armed dangerous. a multistate man want is ongoing old, nowr the 25-year- charges after out of three pipe bomb attacks. >> of violent crime like that, never had that around here. it's early tuesday morning april pipe bomb into a fredericksburg home, blowing a hole in the rules. the alleged crime spree continued in stafford where he bombed two more homes. investigators believed two of incidents target in stafford county , virginia state issued a blue alert, a suspect targeting law-enforcement. >> this guy is extremely dangerous. we believe he has explosive devices and is traveling with. >> this man lives down the from one of the targeted homes. >> i heard a loud bang while i was sleeping and it woke me up. >> on a website belonging to the says, "if i am to be wrongdoing, i should fun."st have some were no injuries reported with
island. rationing of gas in new jersey. the obama presidency is looking a lot like jimmy carter's. remember how the carter years ended? and what did the president mean when said that voters should vote out of revenge? we will check in with governor palin and much more, straight ahead. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift. the comparison has been made in the past there are new examples of the erie similarities that exist between these two men. we talk in great length about their inability to do their jobs but what about endless lines of cars at gas stations all over the northeast. rationing rules were instituted in new jersey that were virtually identical to the ones americans endured under carter.
investigation. brianne carter with the latest. >> the president expected to make an address or around 1:a 30 this afternoon. but will be the first time we will hear him address this issue. here on capitol hill, members of the cia and fbi expected to be here to tell lawmakers exactly what they knew and when. >> eating and drinking at her mother's home, a first look at paula broadwell who had allegedly an affair with david petraeus. we are hearing from another woman. and a 911 call obtain from abc news. jill kelley session the diplomatic protection because she was honorary council to south korea, an unofficial position according to the state department. >> i have and volatility. so they should not be able to cross my property. i do not know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. but that's against the law. >> ventura thousands of e-mails. describe as flirtatious between jill kelley and john allen. missed all of this alan's will promotion has been put on hold. across the president thinks very high of general john allen and things very height of the job he has done in afghani
of the end zone to danario alexander. remember, he's matched up against the 5'9" carter. will the broncos give him that same look? will he go to a malcolm floyd against carter or stick with alexander? he wants the favorable match-up to win the jump ball opportunity. carter is at the bottom of the screen against alexander. kevin: on fourth and 1. rivers. what a catch by alexander! that is a touchdown. carter was beaten. solomon: it's the matchup they wanted. remember, carter came into today's game only allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete 27% of their passes, by far the best of any cornerback in the national football league. but when you're going up against someone as tall as alexander and you're 5'9", very difficult to keep him out of the end zone. i thought if carter was playing him off he might have had a chance. but as soon as i saw him in a bump and run situation, you knew rivers was going to take a shot. kevin: of course, every scoring play is reviewed. referee: the ruling on the field is a touchdown. the previous play is under review. solomon: they want to know did he hold on
for re-election. our brianne carter live outside the white house with reaction from the president, as well as from mitt romney. brianne, good morning. >> good morning to you. it was a big night for president barack obama. cheers erupted there in chicago and here in washington, d.c., as the numbers started to come in. it was virginia and ohio that really made it clear to the president's campaign that he would be back here at the white house for the next four years. now, during his victory speech, the president said he is more determined and more inspired to get back to work. he also talked a lot about working across the aisle more about partisanship happening during his next four years. now, as we know, this was a long, hard fought campaign and it was another long night as these election results came in. meanwhile, a much more somber tone in massachusetts as mitt romney learned the results as well. speaking to supporters he said that he tried hard to be the man to lead this country for the next four years, but that voters decided to go in
old. his death leaves 88 recipients of the medal of honor. and herbert carter has died he wind -- was one of the 33 original tuskegee airmen his death follows that of his wife of 70 years. herbert carter was 95. >>> and up next, among the storm victims, it takes one to know what the others are going through. and tonight some of them are making a big difference. >>> finally this friday night, our making a difference report, think about how much the suffering on the east coast following hurricane sandy has reminded us of other disasters, from hurricane katrina, to joplin, now think of this. the people in all three of those places are reaching out to help those suffering in those regions tonight. tonight, their story from janet shamlian. >> reporter: hundreds of miles from the despair, everything from diapers to batteries, collected from the people of louisiana, meant for people in new jersey. >> we know what they're suffering in new jersey, we just wanted to do something to help. >> reporter: the effort started simply, at first, just messages of support. like these from hurricane
up. >> hypocrite! >> i don't know anything about this. >> carter dressed as an alligator. >> laila as you. >> more news in just a moment but first the latest from the tmz storm center superdoppler h.d. 4000 stormtracker center. superstorm sandy has left the jersey shore in ruins. the cast of "jersey shore" devastated. pauley d doing his part to help the victims in recovery -- just kidding. he went to vegas! >> vegas! >> whoa, vegas. vegas good. >> he is there spinning at rehab and there are two chicks completely making out behind him and he doesn't even turn around to look at them. >> how do you tell a whole story with a still picture? >> i can tell the whole story with picture. >> you have to show off your man boy nippie. >> my nipples that hard? >> you should wear some paper over them. >> i want you to rub them. slowly at first. >> we shouldn't do this. >> indeed, that's why there's storm coverage. >> we have an argument in the newsroom because i wanted to say they were lesbians and then they might not be lesbians but are just engaging in a kiss and they might not be bisexual. >>
. the other candidates is ashton carter. he is perceived as a good manager. if you look at his job on the f 35 i simply cannot agree. he is not picking on the fundamental efforts of problem represents. he let it float to the future and it is going to face a phase in this, even in the sequestered scenario, it will do nothing but increase the cost on airplane which is a disappointment in terms of performance and that is a result of his management. i don't see him as a competent candidate to lead the pentagon through this future, thank you very much. >> thank you, winslow wheeler. our final speakerheather hurl r hurlbert is, prolific author, former speech writer and has been very active in national defense issues. >> thank you. i want to apologize for being late. talking about congress and the future it was nearly a dramatization of what i make my remarks. and to contract comments my three predecessors have made i want to make three comments about political realities and what it will mean about the dynamics they have pointed to and the fact you see on the screen will play out. and so there are t
, this is smooth. unfortunately, it's not an andre carter's route. >> someone has to do something about this. >> reporter: they're trying. >> i want to pursue possibly getting money through a revenue measure through the voters. >> reporter: andre carter can't afford to live here, but if he could, he'd sure vote for it. >>> 13 deaths may now be associated with a highly caffeinated energy drink five- hour energy. the feds are looking into reports of the death over the last four years, as well as reports of heart attacks, convulsions and miscarriages. the fda says just because a report is filed does not necessarily mean that the product is the cause of the injury. >> for people that have high blood blood pressure or anxiety disorders, even cases of depression, it can really mess up the body. >> last month, the fda received five reports of deaths after consumers drank another highly caffeinated drink, monster emergency. the make of five-hour energy says its product is safe when used as directed. >>> her son got a tattoo and then something went terribly wrong. turns out, the state only requires t
's not on andre carters route. >> somebody has to do something about this. >> one pursuit, possibly getting money through the voters. >> andre carter can't afford to live here, but if he did he'd sure vote for it. >> mike sugerman, cbs5. >>> the bears and the coach, the chicago bears legend mike ditka recovering from a minor stroke today, what he noticed before checking into a hospital. >> i'm here to have a good time, the beginning of the season, got to make a couple of good runs. >> let it snow. the word from deer snow boarders and sierra businesses banking on a white thanksgiving holiday. we'll be right back. trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrain, wishing you a happy thanksgiving. the middle east... after a temporary ceasefire between israel and palestine was br. "shots" ,. >>> the fighting continues in the middle east after a temporary cease fire between israel and palestine was broken. israel's military -- israel's military struck nearly 200 targets in palestinian territory just overnight. the attacks destroyed government and police compounds including a smuggling tunnel and a 3-story apartment building. ha
is still anybody's guess. here's carter evans. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: in colorado and washington state, voters have stirred the pot. >> you cannot be arrested for being in possession of an ounce of marijuana. ( cheers ) >> just can't wait to go to 7-eleven and buy a pack of joibts. >> reporter: what's not clear is exactly when or how that will happen. >> legalized marijuana, i could pass a joint to a friend of mine. no, you can't. i could grow it. you you can't. i could transport it. no, you can't. >> reporter: it could take a year or more to develop regulations and until then, in colorado or washington, there is no legal way to procure pot for recreational use. >> i don't know if it's supposed to fall from the sky or how people are supposed to get it, but once they have it and if you're tbownd it, if you're caught by a police officer with under an ounce you're not going to get prosecuted. >> reporter: but federal stlrtz not changed their view. marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance, considered more dangerous than cocaine. >> everybody is sort of operatin
are being sent to las vegas for the weekend. brianne carter is live at the airport with the details. >> they are all ready to go. they are getting ready to leave here, taking off your from reagan national airport. in total, it will be and 90 wounded warriors and the guests having to send a city. thanks to american airlines and a beef uso. now, while they are out there, there will be attending a walk of gratitude at the mirage, and be singing shows of the law agio. there will be lots of events planned. now we talked to one wounded warrior who was struck by and if ied while serving in the rock and 2006. we asked him what it means to on this trip and what it is like to spend the time with other wounded warriors. >> i enjoyed the people i have gotten to meet the thus far. we are staying in some of the nicest hotels. i cannot wait. >> says he cannot wait to do a little gambling. he plans on having a really good time. when he gets back next week he will have the 69th surgery. this time he will have this one at georgetown hospital purity says this will be on has led to fix injuries that st
for the driver. brianne carter joins us with the finesy some say should be even lower. some say that compared to in the area,ctions high.are just too it is all about revenue versus safety and whether paying more when it comes to public safety. she is one of the many people in paid then who has in d.c. says the camera tickets are too costly. >> it is like giving away free money. >> this morning, a council committee held a hearing on a ofposal to lower the cost tickets and other automated fines to $50. >> we think that traffic safety should be about safety, not about generating revenue. >> the police union president disagrees. finess that lowering would impact public safety. >> the message we send out something like this is the type message that makes people not take us seriously. o pay then't want t rules.follow the over willgoing miles pay $50 instead of 75. a driver caught going to 11 to miles over the limit will pay instead of $125. mayor gray introduced to those friday while the was all happening during the introduction, the chief of police said that she does not that $50 is enough of a pe
in for a year -- >> a little carter braxton work. >> to me i think that chart is at an inflection point. when they report their earnings after this yum report and after what tiffanies had to say you have to be focused on this guidance. to me i think it setsz up for a near term bearish play. >> so obviously dan is making a bearish trade on nike. here is how it works. this is a bearish strategy where you buy one put and sell a near dated put. you want the stock to fall below the put you are short by the second expiration so this requires timing. >> it is interesting in my opinion because you can buy outright puts or buy a put spread. i want to use the inflated what i think are the dollar prices are the weekly puts that expire next week and sell them. the trade i did today was setting up to own the december regular puts i actually bought the december 7 next friday's expiration, december 22, the regular expiration 95 put calendar. my max risk is $1.40. it can trade to 95 next week. i want it to close right above 95. at that point i basically own the put much cheaper and look to spread it for the
a lot like jimmy carter. remember how the carter year ended? obama is about to follow suit. he said the voters should vote out of revenge we will check in with governor palin much more straight ahead. ve lately. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. the comparison has been made in the past there are new examples of the erie similarities that exist between these two men. we talk in great length about their inability to do their jobs but what about endless lines of cars at gas stations all over the northeast. rationing rules were instituted in new jersey that were virtually identical to the ones americans endured under carter. that is one of the many likenesses between obama and carter seen here at home. when it comes to foreign policy we are operating from a position of weakness mirrored only by the one we
of gas in new jersey. the obama presidency is looking a lot like jimmy carter's. remember how the carter years ended? and what did the president mean when said that voters should vote out of revenge? we will check in with governor palin and much more, straight ahead. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. the comparison has been made in the past there are new examples of the erie similarities that exist between these two men. we talk in great length about their inability to do their jobs but what about endless lines of cars at gas stations all over the northeast. rationing rules were instituted in new jersey that were virtually identical t
mentioned. on deck pat caddell who polled for jimmy carter and we all know how that turned out. but we have forgiven pat. he has been looking at some key states like ohio. he will tell us what he knows after these messages. >> bill: back of the book segment tonight, as we said in the talking points memo, mitt romney may very well win florida, virginia, north carolina. however, ohio is the key to mr. romney's future. here now former democratic pollster and now democratic pollster pat caddell. i have to apologize you polled for carter? '76 when you were 11 years old. >>' so, when you are looking at the polls, let's take pennsylvania. okay? that's an interesting state. so, it was thought to be a safe bet for barack obama. but now some polls say romney has a shot. if romney were to win pennsylvania, he is the president. and he wins, right? >> yeah. >> bill: what's the deal there. >> here is what is happening in pennsylvania and some of the other states from the first debate. i have argued that ohio, florida, virginia in some ways have been poisoned by so much money. so much negative money. so m
effort spanning more than ten years. director j. carter brown worked closely with architect i. m. pei in its development. seven works of art were commissioned it was agreed that a specific pieceas needed to animate the unbroken expanse of wall in the central courtyard. but the artist would have to have a capacity for monumental concepts, with a sense of color and scale appropriate to the site. a unanimous choice was spanish artist joan miro. born in the catalan city of barcelona in 1893, miro has remained close to the land and its people. but as a young man in paris, he joined th friends like max ernst and jean arp in the emerging surrealist movement of the 1920s. in his painting "the farm," miro's characteristic symbols and themes began to appear: serpentine shapes, checkerboard patterns, infinite space represented by the moon or a star. in 1922, he painted "the farmer's wife," the ancestress of countless female symbols that also became a continuing motif in miro's art. in 1924, his art broke free of gravitational constraints in the surrealistic world of "harlequin's carnival." over
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